My first Chef’s Knife

I always wanted to chop and slice like they do in TV. Every time I had an onion in front of me I though “Ok, let’s do this”, but for some reason I could never do it like them. I spent hours fighting with that onion while trying not to chop off a finger.

All this time, the solution was right in front of me: The knife! Yes, some dull cheap knife that regardless of my skills (or the lack of them) would not allow me to improve! But since I got my very own Wüsthof, frustration is a thing of the past.

Chef's Knife

16 cm (6”) of high carbon steel that cuts through everything (except bones that is) and is light as a magic wand.

Just before I bought it I did some research, of course. I decided to buy a Chef’s knife because of it versatility, while the other ones are for more specific uses (like paring, serrated, deboning and slicing knives). And when it comes to brands, Wüsthof, Shun, Victorinox, Misono and J.A. Henckels are the best brands according to almost everyone, so the research was shortened there. With Wüsthof and Shun almost sharing the first place.

Chef's Knife

It was shopping time at Crate&Barrel (my favorite store). I asked the sales rep. to open up the box and let me hold the knives, this was going to help me make up my mind and it did. Shun knives are beautiful, but for my hand Wústhof has the perfect grip.

Next, If I want to chop like a pro, I needed a chopping board (decisions, decisions…): wood, bamboo, plastic, glass? Bamboo, my friends, is the way to go. It looks nice, just as wood; is gentle on the knife, and is naturally antibacterial.

Chef's Knife on top of the bamboo cutting board

That day I left the store happier than ever, with a brand new 16cm (6”) Wüsthof Classic Ikon and a GreenLite bamboo cutting board. Can not wait to start improving on my basic knife skills. I don’t think my partner will be too happy though, since from now on there’s going to be a massive increase in onion in our diet.

I you are looking for the perfect knife for you and wondering about cutting boards, this sites might come in handy:, and, of course,

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