Welcome to Exploreating!

If this was anything like a AA meeting I would say: “Hello everyone. My name is Octavio and it’s been a couple of hours since my last meal”, and people would clap their hands and cheer. But this is not one of those meetings and I am not here to follow the steps of recovery. There’s nothing wrong with me. I just LOVE FOOD.

I love food as much as I love traveling, give this a good stir and you have the perfect combination for a blog. But this is not meant to be a food and travel blog, this is a “Food in Places” blog. This means that eating is not just chewing and swallowing, but a whole experience in which not only the food is involved but all of our senses. The taste, aromas and texture of the food we eat is as important as where we eat it, who we eat it with and everything else that composes the surroundings. And this is why I believe that there is no food without the place and there is no place without the food.

Who am I?

My name is Octavio. Being born in Argentina made me a carnivore by default. I always longed for far away countries and exotic cuisines until I moved to Dubai 4 years ago and started my love affair with food. My curiosity took me to try all sorts of things, from worms to dog, and I am willing to keep on trying.

My philosophy:”The nastier it looks, the more I want to try it!”

My favorite food: Street food.

I will be posting about:

Location, descriptions, reviews and recommendations of dry and wet markets, stores, dishes, restaurants and all things food related. As well as anything else that I might find relevant.

So join me on this adventure, the whole point of a blog is sharing it with others.